Sevis fee site shows error

why does this SEVIS fee site shows error all the time? I tried today 6 times and it showed error filling out 1st page. It should work if i give some time and open it tomorrow, no?

It could be weekend maintenance window. Yes, try it again today or tomorrow.

I could open today and pay. My sevis confirmation page shows my school code with a decimal. but my i20 shows no decimal. I did not enter decimal. I entered only letters and numbers. One of my friends also has the same - a decimal between numbers. I have issue at Every step. I am sorry about having so many questions.

You just take print out of what comes from the system. It is not in your control to fix their system issues. If you believe, it is going to cause issues, write to your DSO and check or write to the consulate and check.

Thank you. Ii asked a few people who got admits from the school, they too have the same and it does not seem to be an issue

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Good to hear. Thanks for sharing !

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