settlying i us with family after ms in usa

can i take my mom dad with me to us ater ms becaue it very tough to aty without my family or more i get green card easily.does us government agree to take any indian after atudying ms to take thier famiyu to us.please expalin me indetai about the what most people are doing after studying ms those who dont want to stay away from familly for many years.kindly advice me pls.

First you need to do MS…2 years then you will need to apply for H1B…then GC process can start if people are willing . To get green card in EB2 for India it can take upto 10 years . after that you cna sponser your parents. So you will take around 15 years to get your family to US.

My advice to you if you are serious: please take time to type if you are serious in asking questions. it is difficult to understand with your spelling mistakes

yah thank you:).but it a very longwait staying away from family for 15 years.and y should we wait 15 years to get a green card .

The wait is for 15 years b/c immigration rules weren’t updated with the changing market/economic scenarios. Priority date for EB-2 India was 2004 until 2 months ago, which is a 10 year wait. Although they were moved forward to 2008, chances are it may be retrogressed soon.

If immigration reform is passed, situation will improve and wait time will decrease. However, one cannot rely on it as lot needs to be done there as well.

US culture takes family as you, your spouse and your children below 18. Parents are not considered part of immediate family. So there are visas like H-4 which allows one to unite w/ immediate family but it takes much more time for the unification of the traditional Indian family.