Selected wrong option while scheduling appointment for H1B visa

Hello All,

I selected a wrong option while scheduling an appointment for h1b visa. There is a Yes/No button option when you go through the process (Questions like have you ever been offered a visa, was your visa rejected etc. are asked on this option page to start an interview waiver program). Some how by mistake, I selected "Yes" button instead of "No" and went on further and also paid the visa fees $190. The fees reflected on my profile and the DropBox Application confirmation letter was finally confirmed. But then I realized my mistake and again went on scheduling another appointment with the correct option now. But my Receipt No. for the fees I paid earlier is not reflected. If enter it (Receipt No.) in the textbox and say continue, it says No valid record error. I am afraid of that will I have to pay the fees again. Please Respond.

It is not necessary to pay fees again

Contact OFC . They will guide you what to do.Correction can not ba made by you. but will be done by OFC