Seeking advice to travel to India around October


 I and my son are h4 dependents on my husbands visa. Please find the context of my visa stamping and kindly advice 

Current Visa situation :- We have our current visa validity till Feb 2020,I and my son also have stamping on our passport for the same date

Requirement:- We have to visit India during October time frame, what options do I have?

Scenario 1:- with existing h1b without applying extension

1.Can my husband goto visa stamping in Mexico(around end of July or Aug 1,2 weeks) and travel to India in October, having 4 months of valid visa while returning back — checking for any issues in the Port of entry?

2.Can my husband goto stamping in India around Sep or Oct having 4 to 5 months of valid h1b?

Scenario 2:- applying for new h1b extension

1.what is the premium processing time for h4 dependents if applied with husbands h1b extension(is the process along with biometric taking 2 to 3 months?)
2.If my husband’s h1b extension got approved, can we three go to Mexico and get stamped with out applying for h4 visas?or should I and my son(dependents) also have our h4s approved inorder to get the stamping done?
3.As I and my son( h4 dependents) have visa stamped till Feb 2020, should we have to goto stamping in India again or any issues in Port of entry, if my husbands visa extension have been applied/approved(husband got the stamping in Mexico)?

General Question:-

 Can I book the visa stamping appointment with current I797 and use the newly approved I797 extension(obtained later) during the visa interview?

Thanks in advance


Scenario 1 :
You should not have any issues at port of entry, as long as you have valid visa on passport, even for few days left and have supporting documents related to your visa.

Yes, you may go for it. You can even leverage the dropbox option.

Scenario 2 :
There is no premium processing option for H4.
Yes, you can do that and get stamping done. You actually do not need to go for stamping as it is valid till Feb 2020. If you want to just get it done so that in future, you have no dependencies for travel, you can do that…
Well, if that I-797 is valid, when you are booking, you can use it…but again, you need to update DS-160 with the same info and create new DS-160, if you cannot update it later.

Thank you Kumar for the response, appreciate your help

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