Second administrative processing

I applied for my H1b visa on jan 2 2015, and I was told my case needs further administrative processing which lasted for 12 months. Meanwhile I had to renew my passport. I went to the US embassy to get my visa stamp on jan 12 2016 they told me because I changed my passport I need further administrative processing. Any thoughts guys on how long it may last? Another year?

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What was the original reason for administrative processing?

They didn’t specify…My guess is a name check cause my first name is very common and I m from Lebanon

If it was a security check, then unfortunately it can take some considerable time. Your past approval may help in speeding up the things a bit.

Thx for your reply…My past approval was few days earlier…I received my visa approval on jan 13 2016(after waitin for a whole year for the admin processing to be complete) and I was told I need further checking for my new passport on jan 14 2016…isn’t there a validity period for my clearance during which I don’t have to go through the whole process again?

I am not sure what the security clearance duration is.

You never got your visa stamped in the passport, correct? When you say visa approval, you are implying you received email/mail notification from consulate about visa being approved.

Yes, I got a call that my visa was approved

How your case ended up? I have a similar situation with my first admin took almost 2 years. Hope to hear from you.