Same H1B employer - working for multiple clients simultaneously


Work on EVC model. Started new project with client A, 4 months back (amendment in progress). Now have another client B project/opportunity for which employer will be filing an amendment soon. Employer wants me to work both the projects (client A &B) simultaneously for 1/1.5 month to honor/see through the contract with client A. Per him since we filing/filed both amendments/proper paperwork it’s not an issue.

Is working for 2 clients (80 hours a week) allowed on H1B. I am not sure what to do.

Please any suggestions will be great


You cant work for more than one employer unless the 2nd employer files for concurrent H1B. In your case employer is same, its only that you will be working more than one client project, which is fine.

Thanks for your response. Yes my employer/H1B holder is the same - just that I am a bit worried if there will be an issue as we will have 2 amendments simultaneously filed 2 different clients. Was wondering how USCIS will adjudicate these - any idea ?

Thanks a lot

I would leave the worry up to the employer and their immigration attorney :slight_smile: