Same Employer , Different client , New H1B under Cap Except - Exemption for Travel ban?


I am in India since Jan 07 2020. My VISA and H1B petition got expired n Aug 25 2020.

I came on 3 months vacation and got stuck here due to lock down, so i was on leave without pay all this time.

My employer will file a new H1B under Cap Exempt as i have completed more than 6 years on my last H1B.

Can i still go for VISA stamping during this H1B travel ban. as i will be working for the same employer but different client.

I am on EVC model.

Please advice.

  • I have a Approved I-140

As you have approved I-140, you are fine. If it same job and it was filed as extension, then yes. Read below, it has example for extension clause.