Same company at onsite and offshore - current employer DS 160

Hi I have a question. I was working at onsite from 2018 September at one the companies. In 2020 I had Visa issues and had to travel offshore. Now on the last day in US, my HR told that they would be relieving me from Company A USA. But I would go back to offshore and join Company A India. So when I came to India I got a new offer letter, and did the formal joining formalities although I was doing the same work and was with same company. So if you see both the companies are same but I just got relieved from a US employee and then continue as an Indian employee since2020. In this case, withing the DS 160 for the stamping process what should I fill in current and previous employer - should it be Company A India and company A USA respectively separately or should it be combined as 1and enterd in the current employer?