Salary mismatch in LCA and DS160


While entering the monthly salary in DS160, I didn’t mention the decimal part and because of that there is a difference of $11 in the annual salary mentioned in the LCA (LCA contains the minimum salary for H1). I have my OFC appointment on Monday and Tuesday. Can you please let me know if this is going to create any issue during the interview process or I need to submit the new DS160 form?

Thanks for your help in advance!

I don’t think it really creates an issue. Mostly the interviewers wont check such a kind of differences. Since its very very minor one, it wouldn’t be a problem. Just in case they looked into detail and asks you a question, you can say that because of some additional deductions the annual salary might gonna come to XXXX dollars. Due to that I have updated in DS 160 this much amount like that. The way you answer would matters in this case. Please be cautious while answering.

Good answer Chak…that answer make sense

You can edit DS160 and resubmit it. No worries. or you can admit that it was a mistake. Never say that it was a deduction or whatever (they may ask for proof and you must be able to submit), mis-representation might lead to a big issue. Hope it makes sense

Thanks all for replying! Got my visa! No question raised on this!