Salary mentioned in LCA do not match with actual salary as per the pay stubs


   I have a visa interview next week and wanted to know if the Visa officer looks at the LCA , W2 and pay stubs and find a variations/difference in the salary amount will that not be an issue? My actual salary as per the offer letter is 90K and I am paid hourly based but in my LCA the salary mentioned is $85K. What should be my best answer if the pay stubs do not match with the salary mentioned in the LCA?


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In the LCA, there are two wages, one the Prevailing Wage, and the actual salary. Which one is listed as 85K ?

In the LCA it is mentioned as Prevailing wage.

Prevailing wage is the minimum wage deemed by DOL that should be paid to the beneficiary (you) for the job title, and geographical location.If PW is 85K, and you are being paid 90K, that is fine. Look for the actual salary in the LCA (Section F).


Even i had a similar doubt. what if my actual salary in section F is listed as 90 K but im getting paid lesser than that. is that a problem?