Salary in I-129 is higher than original paychecks given by my employer So is amendment required in this case ?

Hi Team,

My employer filed H1B for me with Salary mentioned as $91400 in I-129.

In LCA Wage Range is $74006 to $94500 and Prevailing Wage is $74006.

I am in India and got Visa stamped but before travel my employer generated the deputation letter and found that the original pay which employer will give is $77600. So my employer is saying as the I-129 salary is higher than what originally employer will give so amendment in salary is required.

So I want to know that In LCA Wage Range is $74006 to $94500 and I will get $77600 which is greater than

Prevailing Wage is $74006 so is amendment required in such case. Can my original salary be < mentioned in I-129 > Prevailing Wage ( $74006 )