Risks of moving from EC to EVC model on H1B for Green Card reasons

I am on H1b since 2015 and my H1b will max out in July 2021. I have approved petition till July 2021. I am currently in EC model and my employer has been promising me to initiate my GC since last 2 yrs. I have lost faith and thinking of moving to different company in EVC model who has promised me to file my GC. Money is better than my current employer, but I want to understand the risks involved with EVC model. I have below questions:

  1. Is it advised to move to EVC model if you are in EC model?
  2. What are the risks involved, eg: H1b extensions, india visits & visa stamping?

Any help would be appreciated as I am very much confused.

  1. Well, each of them have pros and cons. The risk with EVC is always the situations of client letters, employer-employee relationship, etc. kind of issues during approvals and stamping. There are many who work on the EVC model, but there are risks.
  2. Yes, usually extensions, stamping are the main ones.
    If you can find another employer with direct employment, that would be ideal…