Risk of Cancellation of VISA at POE

My wife is coming to USA from India for 30 days to spent holidays.
She is holding valid H4 and H1B VISA

H4 - Offered by my Organization in March 2013 till Sep 2015
H1B - Her own organization in Nov 2013 till Oct 2014
(Just to be clear, we worked for separate organizations)

Her project is going to start in April 2014 & that is in different state of USA (West Coast) and I am in East Coast. she is coming to meet me for a month in east coast and this trip is not for work (POE will be on H4). She will be on leave during this tenure & I am sponsoring this personal trip.

My queries are, 

1) Is there any harm to her H1B VISA for future entry (as indicated above, she will be going to use her H1B in April 2014 as per her project/Organization requirement )
2) According to my understanding, CBP officials will issue the I-94 for 30 to 40 Days in reference to H4 VISA ,,, Please correct me if I am wrong
3) I hope officials will not cancel her H1B VISA which has nothing to do with this trip