Right time to do H1-B transfer from one company to another company ?

Hi Saurab ,
I am working on OPT status in a semiconductor company. The company has applied for my H1-B visa process. Recently I got message from the company’s attorney that my H1-B visa has been approved. My status changes from OPT to H1-B from October 10 '2012.

There are two reasons why I hate my curent job -
1. I am being underpayed . All my friends in Texas are getting paid atleast $10K more.
2. I hate my current job responsibilities.

If I wish to change to another nanotech./ semiconductor company -
Q1) When is the right time for the new employer to apply for the H1-B transfer petition?
Q2) Do I need to inform my current company/ attorney before the H1-B transfer petition is applied ?

Other comments/ advise appreciated ..

Hi Tapsee,

To my knowledge

A1) H1B petition transfer can be done all throughout the year

A2) You don’t need to inform your current employer/attorney

Since this is your COS from OPT i suggest you should wait till that conversion is applicable then you can search for employer who can transfer your h1b, your current employer is not notified by USCIS also during this process