RFE response with different SOW document

My employer filled my H1B petition in 2015 for project ‘A’ for client ‘X’.
Now, I received an RFE in 20 Aug 2015, asking for SOW, MSA, employee & Employer relationship documents.
But SOW for project ‘A’ is expired now. My manager is telling me to submit RFE response with SOW document for project ‘B’ for same client ‘X’.
Can I submit my RFE with SOW for project ‘B’ for the same client ‘X’.

Please reply, what can be done in this case. Its urgent.

Is there any other option? If not, then you have to go with it. Your employer should also include a letter explaining the change. Are the work sites for the two clients different?

Thanks Saurabh for the quick reply.

Work sites for both the project ‘A’ & ‘B’ are same. I am not sure about any other possible options available. But the immigration team of my company is saying, if we respond the RFE with project ‘B’ SOW, chances of denial is maximum. Is it true? What possible options I can explore in this case. Please reply. Thanks.

You no longer have a valid SOW from A. So unless A is a client again, your best option is to go with B and submit an explanation.

Thanks Saurabh.
I will go ahead with project ‘B’ SOW for responding RFE.

HI Sagar, what happened to your case after you submitted project ‘B’ SoW?