RFE- Response review status not reflecting


My petition went to RFE on August 21 th and I submitted my RFE documents on September 14th. The status in the USCIS website is still “Request for evidence”. My deadline to submit the rfe docs is Oct 18th, which is hardly a week ahead.

I am concerned that the status did not change to RFE review response yet. I got an acknowledgement that my docuements are sent to US attorneys for review soon after i sent them. Is it a problem if the status does not change to RFE review response even after the deadline? How will I ensure that my documents reached US CIS from the attorneys? Please advice.


Our case is exactly same as yours. RFE on Aug 14th, documents mailed one month ago - no update to Response Review yet.

I’m wondering is your case to the Vermon Center?

Hi, mine is for Florida, Jacksonville centre. Did u try calling the customer care centre number that was there in the website?

In my case I got RFE on 6-Sep-2012, Responed on Sep 28.Status changed to RFE Response Review on 11-Oct-2012. Mine is premium processing case which California Center… USCIS taking atleast 2 weeks in acknowledgement in case of premium processing…

Hi Vidhya, Even my case is also same case as yours. However my last date to submit RFE document was on Oct 27th. Can you please let us know if there is any updates on your status?

Hi Vijay, it’s still the same. Status did not change to response review…I have been trying to follow up thro’ my employer, but no updates yet…

Hi , for those who faced the similar situation as above, the RFE deadline that we receive is not the actual deadline and it is a month after that. This 1 month is the time taken by the attorneys to review our documents. The deadline that I got was Oct 18th, whereas, my actual deadline was nov 3rd. My status changed to RFE response Review on 5th ( Since 3rd was a saturday).

Hi Vidya, My H1B status shows as RFE Review since Dec 20 2012. Did you get any reply on your cas?

Hi Vidya, I am also facing the same situation. My H1 transfer is going on in Premium and received RFE which was responded on 5/14/2014. However USCIS website still shows that ‘RFE notice was sent…’ and it doesnt even mention that the response has been accepted. As you mentioned, how much time did it take to you after you sent the RFE response to get approved.