RFE , requesting for transcript

The RFE i got is

College/University Transcripts – USCIS is asking that we submit an original of your transcripts showing all courses taken towards your degree.  According to USCIS, the transcripts must be signed and dated by the person at the University in charge of the records.  Additionally, both sides of the sealed flap on the outside of the college/university’s envelope must be signed and dated by the person in charge.  Include the phone number and address for the office of the person in charge. 


can someone explain me that what does the highlighted part mean. When they say both sides of the sealed flap, which sides are those ??

Hi Zabirauf,

The highlighed portion means this :

  1. All the transcipts must be sealed in an envelope and then the person (usually at registrat’s office) needs to stamp the university seal and sign with date.

When did you apply for H1B?

I am aware of that but i mean to say that it states to sign both sides of the flap. My question is that which sides are those ?
I applied for h1b petition on 1st june. Its on premium.