RFE received with 11 items

got 11 RFE for my petition a month ago :

  1. Please provide a detailed job description for the position of ****** Analyst, on company letterhead –Corporate Document
    2)Statement about complexity of the offered position of ****** Analyst–Corporate Document
  2. Organizational chart depicting the hierarchy of including: Beneficiary, his proposed supervisor(s) and any supervised employees (as applicable) –Corporate Document
    4)Official ****** Inc.’s job description for the position of ****** Analyst. –Corporate Document
    5)As available, previous job advertisements published by ****** Inc. for the position of ****** Analyst –Corporate Document
  3. Signed statement of Past Employment Practices –Corporate Document
    7)Pay-stubs and resumes/diplomas/transcripts of current and past employees in similar positions –Corporate Document
  4. Company literature / marketing material for ****** Inc. that may highlight the complexity of products / services / solutions provided –Corporate Document
    9)Evidence of programs/solutions (detailed above) that Beneficiary will be working on, including, as applicable, copies of signed agreements with client –Corporate Document
  5. Employment Agreement / Offer letter extended by ****** Inc. to Beneficiary –Corporate Document
  6. Performance review template
    Mine is a small consultancy with 800 employees , however these all documents are for my employer only , Can anyone suggest would my employer find any difficulty in submitting such kind of RFE’s , is there any chance for getting my RFE approved , even if it is approved would it be a problem at the time of visa interview ? any thoughts ?

Your RFE was triggered because of ‘Analyst’ in job title. It is a term that brings into question if your occupation continues to be ‘specialty’. You will be fine as long as all requested documents are submitted.

All the best

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University. www.chu.edu; sshankar@chu.edu