RFE received asking SOW/Client letter and Manager Letter

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My employer has applied a new H1B for me. I received RFE on July 22nd and Submitted the response for the same on August 22nd. Now the status is “Response To USCIS’ Request For Evidence Was Received”. Its been 60 days but there is no status change. Also the SOW they asked for should have 6 months validity whereas mine will get expired by December 31 2016 and the SOW is signed yearly once which is for 2017 it will be signed this December or January. Hence my organisation has submitted this years and last years SOW. But still I am worried that they will reject my case since it does not have validity after December 31st and Client letter or any other client engagement documents were provided. Anyone had similar kind of situation? What are the chances of my case to get approved? Please give you thoughts.



If they submitted last year’s SOW as well and explained that it gets renewed annually, then it should be fine. Delay <> denial.

Thanks Saurabh.

Unfortunately I am stuck without any response from USCIS till now. In my organisation they started the nomination of next year’s H1B. Whereas I did not get any reply from USCIS. Is there any option that I can go ahead and apply for next year’s petition whereas if this gets approved i can withdraw the later one?

Thanks in advanve.

The actual filing for next year will happen in April 2017. So they can still start the paperwork and then not file it if current petition gets approved. I don’t know if the employer would be willing to spend time/effort on this knowing that you already have another petition in play.

Did you discuss the PP upgrade option with the employer?

Yes, I spoke they are not ready to do that telling that the rate of rejection is high if we upgrade it to premium now.

Hi Saurabh,

I got my case approved fortunately…:slight_smile:


HI , Glad to hear you are one such lucky fellow who got petition approved. Can you tell me consultancy with which you filed H1b .I am checking for consultancies this year that can file H1b. It will be great if you can tell me