RFE - Orginal client letter & their contact details needed


I have applied for a new H1B application(COS H4 TO H1B) in Apr 2016 by an Employer. I received RFE in Sept 2016 and it is asking for the ORIGINAL CLIENT LETTER & Client contact details. But my employer says that they do not have such documents and contact details.

What documents do I provide in support of these in order to avoid rejection.

Client letter is a letter which can be prepared as and when its needed. You should work with your employer and need to prepare a letter with mentioning all the required details of your client, their contacts and your duties for that client. Once you and your employer make this letter, any one of you can contact to your client to print that letter on client’s letter head and signed by the manager.

I have also been asked to provide client letter signed by end client and client’s letterhead. But my onsite manager told me that it is impossible to get this letter.
So I am going with letter having details of client and signed by my onsite manager. Is it going to resolve the issue?
Also I have abeen asked to provide contract letter. Can I provide SOW for this query?

You can provide a SOW in place of contract letter. Mostly SOW holds all the required information so you are good to go. If you will be asked anything related with client letter, you should reply VO with full of your confidence in such a way that “due to my client’s policy, they are unable to provide any such letter but i have a letter from my company which describes all the required information about my client”. I believe there shouldn’t be any issue.

Good luck though.

Thank you for the response.

There is one more issue. The client letter provided by my employer during the h1b filling (Apr 2016) had a job position which is no more available now(Nov 2016). To provide details of the position in the client letter is not possible now.

Is there any other way out for this.