RFE on PP - For LCA submission

Hi Folks.

After a long  summer vacation  came an  RFE that requested to submit LCA as my great attorney missed to submit.Now the interesting Qts come in find.Does these USICS idiots check all the documents and than sends the RFE.Which means from my point of view that they have looked into all the submitted document and they found only this document missing to give their approval.

Should I see as my case approved or any other RFE for something else

In this case, there is a possibility of subsequent RFE (based on other documents). LCA is a pre-requisite and it is possible that they would have stopped further processing as soon as they found that LCA was missing.

You are lucky that they issued RFE for this. They could have easily denied it outright for trying to fool the system (lot of employers do not attach LCA to save time and make through the cap; not sure if your employer did that or not).