Hi All,I have been working for a company as a contractor for the past 14 months and this company offered me a full time position.H1b petition was filed in Premium processing, On day 14 I got an RFE .Though I am yet to receive the complete details on this RFE from the Immigration team, this is what they sent across" We require an updated Onsite Position Description particular to specialty occupation requests. Please provide an updated version which explicitly states the role requires a Bachelor’s degree in a specific field, i.e. “The User Support Specialist is a professional position that requires at least a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in the fields of Computer Science, Engineering, Management Information Systems, Information Technology, or a related, quantitatively analytical field.” I have a BE degree in Electronics and communication and about 6 years of IT experience. Although I understand that this falls on the employer plate, The Immigration team has asked me to update the “Position Description” documentWould a “Expert Opinion Letter” and an “education evaluation” from an external agency help with this case?If yes then can you suggest which Agency is better to approach? Any other views/suggestions?Thanks in advance