RFE on H1 Transfer


My current employer is “A”, and recently internally its name got changed to “B” and my VISA / I-94 expiring on 09/19/16.

Still my I-797 is on company name “A”, my current employer applied extension for me and they got RFE on it.

I got offer in new company (assume company name as “X”) and they have initiated my H1 transfer and here also I got RFE and in this RFE attorney is asking approved notice on the RFE of “A”.

my question is, is it good to join on X company on RFE?

this is actual RFE

While reviewing the RFE, and the petition, it appears that Mr. PERSON NAME is currently working with a company called “AAA (current employer name)” A copy of his most recent paystub from the petition is attached. We don’t have any receipt and/or approval notice to indicate that this company had filed any H-1B petition on his behalf. A copy of the approval notices on file is attached. USCIS referred to a petition number, WAC-XX-XXX-XXXXX. It may belong to the petition filed by “AAA”, Inc.

From the RFE, it appears that USCIS had issued an RFE for this petition (WAC-XX-XXX-XXXXX). USCIS is now requesting “XXXX (new employer name)” to submit one of the following:

(1) Approval Notice for the petition WAC-XX-XXX-XXXXX


(2) Evidence that RFE has been responded to for the petition WAC-XX-XXX-XXXXX.

Please check with the beneficiary about this company (“AAA”) and inform us if he has any information with regards to the petition number, WAC-XX-XXX-XXXXX. If the referenced petition was indeed filed on his behalf, then please provide the evidence suggested by USCIS

Probably USCIS doesn’t know that A and B are same company and issued RFE as payslips were from B while current petition is through A.

Do you know why A/B’s extension petition received RFE?

Are there any publicly available documents available for the name change? Was an internal memo sent for the name change?

Hi Saurabh,

Yes A/B’s extension petition received RFE.

And XXXX company also got RFE, which is mentioned in the earlier post.

I was asking do you know if A/B extension received RFE due to reason similar to XXX?

You need to provide documents/information that A and B are really the same entities. Do they have same EINs?