RFE on H1 Cap exempt again after a denial on extention Petition

Hi All,

Had received a denial on my extension petition in February 2016 on the basis of insufficient evidence to prove that the beneficiery is eligible for the profered position even though I sent my experience letter and job responsibilities. I am a Btech Bioinfomatics (4 years bacherlor’s degree) with over 7 years of experience in IT in the feild of Business Intelligence. I applied for H1 Out of cap again in May in PP and have again Received an RFE from USICS on providing information on Job qualification and Experience letter, I don’t understand how do I package myself better,
I have already provided the below:
1.Detailed resume
2.promotion letters showing progressive experience
3. Detailed technical Job description

Any help/suggestions to add further evidence in this regards would be greatly appreciated. Its extremely disheartening to see the response from USICS.


Hi Apurva,

I am in same situation, got denial ( Reason - Client Letter is vague and Job does not required specialized skills, and now again got RFE today ( 1/31/2017), waiting for RFE reason.

What happen to your case finally ?

please let me know.