RFE mail to the employer from uscis

I can see online status of my h1b as RFE on may29 2013 , but till now my employer didn’t get any mail asking for what documents are required, how many days it takes to get the mail from uscis

HI Pavan,

My status shows RFE mailed on May 24 2013 and Imy attorney received the RFE notice by mail for Regular Processing on June 03 2013.

So it takes a week or so, contact attorney after 7 business days.

Hope your question is answered

Thank you so much Imran for you prompt reply :slight_smile:

Hi Pavan, are you on regular processing or Premium processing?

Regular Processing

Ok…best of luck

Hi Imran,

         whats your current status?

Yet to reply for RFE, so you are ahead of the process :slight_smile: Be in touch will update you once i have any info. BTW what was your RFE about mine was Education Evaluation and Experience Letters

Hi Imran,

         Same with me  even my RFE is for education evaluation, i have 3 year degree, so my attorney asked me detailed experience letters from all my previous employers, do you have have any idea how education evealuation will be done after submitting all our exp letters?

drop your contact number will call u

91- 8197890333

My Visa Petition got approved. Wish you the best.