RFE - How long will they take to make decision on this case.

Hi ,

My file# EAC1214750***

Filed on : 24/04/2012.

Receipt received on : 26/04/2012.

Went to RFE on : 28/08/2012.

So how long will it take further from RFE to decision.I heard that most of cases in RFE will be denied.Is it true ?

It will take 1 to 2 months to move the status to Decision. No what you heard is not true. Not all the cases from RFE moves to denial. May be one or two in worst case. You have chances of approval more. No issues. Make you submit all the requested documents elaboratly



Thanks Vivek for the info.

Depends on the nature of RFE!!

What was the RFE about?