RFE for financial Analyst position

Hi Saurabh,

Can you please help in preparing RFE response for financial Analyst position ? THough we are working with Attorney as well but success rate is low so need advise from some expert like you who knows number of cases and can best advise us.

The questions we have received are like----does it require Bacholor degree and what are the special skills for this job profile… etc… We are already trying to work with company provided attorny but success rate is low. I have gone some of the blogs here on Red bus and as well on google as well. But i am still clueless what i can change in my current application to make it for Specialized or something in Job description. Can you please email or suggest some specific terms which can help me.

Qualification : BA and course - CA, CPA

Job title - Finance Analyst.

As per RFE, they are even asking whether a Bacholor degree is required.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards

It can be frustrating, but unfortunately, we do not really provide inputs on RFE responses as we are not qualified attorneys. In general, the job description of the position that your employer filed H1B for should have all the details. If you are not happy with your current attorney, you can always talk to your employer and seek help from another attorney. Wish we could add more.