RFE - Employee Employer Relation

Hi Saurabh,

Recently my petition was put on RFE for the second time( consider a kind of denial). Reasons were that they could not find the employee employer relationship strong enough and since my employer’s company size is small they weren’t sure how the employer can hold me for 3 years and give me work. However there are few cases similar to mine where the petition got approved without much questions asked after the response given on RFE.

Now my employer has applied for MTR and spent around 600$ asking for reonsideration. On 19th Sep, the status was back to intial review and since then its says that my case has been transferred to local office which holds the juridiction. Apparently they take around 6-8 months of time to respond.

Do you think it makes sense to wait for so long and most probably the decision will be a rejection.

Thanks always for your response!


I think mine was also same situation, actually my status was changed to USCIS is cannot provide you with information for your case. Please contact the NCSC 1 (800) 375-5283 for additional information.so my employer send me Form I-797C, notice of action there [b]my receipt no was changed, [/b]but my employer said receipt no should be change after appeal is it right? Yours receipt no was also changed? and by using this new receipt no it shown like Initial review and your case was send to your local USCIS Office for further processing and one more thing if we were on premium process (At the time of filing) then USCIS might deliver the decision within 90 days is it right?