RFE deadline vs. H1B cutoff date (Oct 1)

Hi there,

I filed for H1B April 12th, 2012 (under the Master’s cap) and just got an RFE notice this week.

The company’s handling the RFE right now but I noticed that they have until Nov 1, 2012 to meet the requirements. I know that the company is doing everything they can to meet that date… but even if they sent their RFE response (let’s say) next week, I’ve read RFE review times can be anywhere to 60days (which would definitely pass Oct 1 cutoff date). What would that mean for my application? Are there cases where people get approved AFTER Oct 1?

Thank you!

Cut off date is meant for the minimum time you can enter into US and start for the next year quato. If you do not complete before that, itis not a issue. then you can travel/COS will be effective from the day of approval.



Hey, can you give a detail about ur RFE ? Is it the california center?

Yep, california. such a long wait.

California center is such a B****. What was the RFE all about, if dont mind sharing it. Thanks

haha. are you going through the same thing?

my RFE was about some legal docs from the company & stuff like the list of board of directors, etc

yea totally… still waiting for a decision. When did u file? I filed june 6th master;s cap.

you’re still luckier than I am. I filed april 12th master’s cap. And since i’m in the country, I’ve been without income since then.

shit. sorry to hear that man. But, the lucky man is that man, who gets it approved sooner or later. :slight_smile: all the best man.

haha. this whole visa application’s totally taking its toll on ppl.
yeah, all the best to you too :slight_smile:

Even I got an RFE notification today under California center… I got filed on 30 April regular processing… Such a disgraceful moment for me when I saw the RFE coming on 14th Sept (2 weeks before Oct 1)… Still havent got any mail yet informing what is this all about… The frustrating wait continues… :((

Applied on May 1st - Regular processing-California center… Received RFE on sep 15th:(