RFE and NOID on H1b filing from H4 visa


My H1b was filed on April 2012, and got my 1st RFE in may regarding educational evaluation. After that got 2nd Rfe in june asking about petitioner’s information: list of employees with locations start and end dates immigration status, Federal Income Tax , quarterly wage report,

Today got an NOID wherein it has been cited that the petitioner has been found as having inability to pay, they have asked why certain employees have not been paid over some quarters in 2010 and 2011.

My petitioner is saying that some employees work in different states and hence there is discrepency in information provided. He is promising to provide W2’s and proper information regarding all the employees for the past 2 years.

What are my chances of getting an approval ? If a submission is made by august, when can I expect a response back. It is a premium processing case with california.

Well, every case is unique, we really do not know what USCIS adjudicators are looking for…only your attorney and employer should have some ideas on what to submit…

Just be positive…

You can expect result within 15 days, if it is premium.