I have applied for change of status from H1 to H4 EAD.
And I told my employer same, now he revoked my H1.

will it be a problem now ? as he revoked the H1 which we used in COS.

Thank you.

Should be ok as it was still valid on the date of COS filing. Problem would be if COS is denied for any reason, then you will have to immediately leave US.

thank u so much for ur response Saurabh.
I forgot to mention 1 point, actually before applying for h1 to h4 ead, i have changed my employer…so i have new h1 now.
but we applied for cos with old h1.
as i just got my new h1 and same time we applied for h1 to h4 ead.

so now in worst case if something happens to my ead…still my new h1 wil be valid right.

Yes, you should be fine as you would remain on the new H-1 in case of COS denial.