Revoke my H1


I came to USA on H4 visa in 2014 and applied H1B in 2015 april my H1 was approved on nov 2015 till then iam searching for the job,and i got wex with applying the jobs now i wanted to change to H4 again ,may i know the procedure of changing the status and how many months it will took to change the status.


So you’re saying you couldn’t get a job after being on H1 for 5 months? What is ur skill set? What about ur payroll? Are you on status?

You cannot apply COS as you are not maintaining status by getting paid.

You should leave US ASAP and re-enter on H-4 visa, to get back to H-4 status.

You should also talk to your employer about following the H-1 laws and getting paid. DOL would be very interested in your case if you contact them about the missing wages.

My skill set is java,my employer is not running my payroll,yes iam on H1B status.