Revocation status

Hi,H1B was filed by Employer A for Employee X in 2015 with a project in different location and the petition was approved, but X started working for a client at different location so h1b amendment was filed. The amendment resulted in an RFE and was not responded because meanwhile employee X filed an h1b transfer with employer B. After the transfer was filed employer A withdrew the amendment petition. Meanwhile the status of original H1B petition filed by Employer A changed to “Intent to revoke notice was Sent” (about 6 months back). It hasn’t changed to revoked yet.Now, while answering the following question “Has your application ever been denied or revoked by USCIS” on DS-160 or anywhere else what should be chosen yes or no?Also, will the status of original application ever change to revoked?Is there a possibility of VO asking any questions related to the revoked application when going for stamping?Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks.