Revert H1B Transfer to Old Employer


I am currently working with company A, I got a new job with company B and my VISA was transferred and now petition is approved for me to start with company B. But, now am not willing to join company B and want to continue with company A. I have following questions:-

  1. Can I continue to work for company A, as my H1B is still valid till March-2016 for company A.

  2. When, Company A sends an application for extending my VISA (H1B) beyond March-2016. Do I need to get my visa transfer cancelled from company B. ( I do not want my current company A to know, that my VISA was transferred to a new company)

  1. Yes, you can continue to work for A and forget about B’s approval. The H-1 is never really “transferred”. What happens is that you end up w/ 2 approved petitions from A and B and can decide to work for either employer.

  2. They can use A’s original petition and not care about B’s petition.

Did you ever work for B in b/w or have always continually worked for A?

Thanks Saurabh.
No, I never worked for B and have been continuously working for A.