return to my country while h1b is in process

I am in school with F1 visa. I applied H1-B in April 2016 with my previous degrees (masters on engineer) I am waiting to hear from USCIS about H1B (the checks for the fee have not been cashed yet).

I do not like the school I am in now, and feel like wasting money, energy and time. Now that the end of the spring semester is approaching, I am considering quitting school (not returning for the fall semester that starts at the end of August).

My F1-visa is expired, so if I leave the country, I will have to get F1 VISA (which I can) if I want to come back to the school.

  1. If I get H-1B visa while I am in my country, can I get a H1B visa at the US embassy in my country, and return to the US for work? What is the procedure like in that case? My employer-to-be will send me the papers for me to get H1B visa in my country?

  2. And if I go to another country (not my country), will I be able to get a H1B visa (if I get one) or F1 Visa (if I want to continue the school) from the US embassy in that country? I heard it is better to get F1 visa from my country (in case it takes longer and so I have to stay longer). But what is the odds that i can get the F1 visa from another country but mine (in case I return to school, or in case I don’t get H1-B visa)?

If I go to another country and I cannot get the visa from the US embassy, can I go to my country (from that country) and get the visa from US embassy in my country (so, no harm to try another country first, then, in case it works)? I am asking this because my country is far (so it saves time and money if I can just go to neighboring countries to get F1 visa, in case I continue with the school).


  1. Yes, employer can send the petition approval and other documents to your address in home country, and you can then appear for visa stamping.

  2. It is better to go to your home country for first H-1 stamping. If you go to another country, then you will have to check w/ US embassy in that country about their policy on TCNs (Third Country National). That would provide you more clarity.