Response to your enquiry Saurabh about my B-1


my case creation date is 4th.06.2013 and status updated date is 12th.06.2013 and at first it was also 4th.06.2013. On the 11th.06.2013 someone from the embassy physically came at my place of work to prove the authenticity of the sponsorship letter, I provided during the interview. once my manager recognised the letter,my status update date changed from 4th.06.2013 to 12th.06.13.

But note, right from the 4th.06.2013, in that space where for other people it says administrative process mine says Refused. And the guy from the embassy visited our office when my status was reading refused.

And right at the bottom it reads; your application was refused. please see the letter or other instruction you received at the interview.

Now, the letter I was issued at the interview is the 221g not the 214b. no other docs where asked for. All I was told is to wait for their call. I took this interview at the us embassy in uganda.

Anyhow my assumption is that my case is under admin process since there would have been no reason for the guy from the embassy visiting my offce.

But the thing I want you to clear me about is; have you heard of cases where a B-1 gets issued when the dates of a conference that one applied for the visa in the first place have passed or I simply will be told; ok your admin process is now complete but your purpose of travel expired and so we can’t issue the visa. what is you opinion.

Admin process is the reason why my conference dates passed. Again my first name is mohammad.

I have not gotten my passport back or even gotten any hint that I should collect it from the embassy. In this country the embassy telephones an applicant in case of anything but I have not heard from them.

I agree w/ your assesment that they wouldn’t have done the verification if it was denied. So they may still be processing it, and that online status is default status or something.

If the dates have passed, then they would either ask for clarification (i.e. whether you still need the visa or not and submit proof for it) or refuse it w/ reason that you no longer seem to need it. I can’t say what will happen.