Resignation without relieving letter


My Name is Vikram. I work for an American automotive tier 1 company which has branches in India. My Company has sponsered my H1B. I have arrived in the US and have worked in the US Counterpart of the same company for nearly 2 years. Now i have resigned from this company moving on to another company in USA.

The company which has sponsered my first H1B VISA has asked me to serve notice period of 3 months which is not practical for me. I have decided to serve a notice period of 1 month and join my new employer immediately. So i cannot get experience and relieving letters from old employer. Could you please advise me what alternatives do i have? I mean to prove my employment for these 2 years?

I have got Payslips, W2 forms and appointment letters all in place. Please advise.



In US, you need not to give more than 2 weeks of notice to any employer. Regarding your experience letters, let me know the purpose to advice in detail…