Renewal of revoked H1B and not Travelled

I have an Approved H1B petition filed by previous Employer A in 2014 and this was valid from APRIL 2014 to 31st DEC 2014. Also I got H1B Visa stamped in my passport but I never travelled to USA using this Visa .Employer A revoked the petition in Sept 2014. Now I got an offer from Employer B.

They would like to transfer my H1B

(1) Do my H1B renewable/transfer?

(2) Do I belongs to CAP EXCEPTION?

(3) Whats the process to get “REVOKING REASONS from USICS”?

I am also under same category. I got offer from another employer but their attorney informed them that i wont come under cap-exempt, hence lost the job offer.

In forums it was written that this case will come under cap-exempt. I m confused and feeling hopeless!!!

Read this:

Thanks Saurabh, even i was confident I m cap-exempt after checking out forums and reading out live experiences. But what to do, If the attorney of the employer doesnt come forward to file it and obviously employers listen to their attorney only, not to the forums or not to us. Can’t blame them, they are just playing safe.

Yes, they will listen to their attorney especially if they are spending top dollar on the H-1 filing. You can continue to search for other employers who may be willing to file the petition for you.