Renew or Re-Applying for Student Visa -


I am re-applying for student visa for my MS - second Master degree after MBA.

I came back after my OPT and now would like to pursue the MS - Database from same university to build my skills for PHD.

What question could ask for reapplying while i am working full time? provided h1b under process

what answers i could offer to defend my decision to come back my nation and reapplying for f1 to go back for another master as my current F1 would expire soon.

Well, in my view, you should be honest and articulate your passion for MS and then PhD. Just telling some story that everyone tells may not be the best idea…

Firstly, Why are you doing MS again ? What is your passion ? Think on your real reason for higher education and build answer accordingly… As always, visa needs some luck…

Hi Kumar,

I have got my F1 visa back for five years.

thanks for help