Relocating to India on My L1 VISA, which my H1 is in process

Hi All,

I am currently on a L1(B) Visa. Due to some unexpected reasons, I had to travel to India for 3 months. Meanwhile my US employer already filled my H1 and it has come up in the lottery. I have following questions.

  1. Can I travel back to US on my L1 or do I need to wait for my H1 to get stamped?

  2. Does it impact my petion that I am travelling outside US, which my H1 is in process?

3)As of now I dont have a permanent or temporary address in the US, I have read somewhere that it is important to notify them about the change of address. For which I need to fill my AR11 form. Now I provide them of my India address or does it have to be US address? Also, I dont have an address in the US now, so can I give the address of my emplyer?

Thanks in Advance.