Reliable agents for job offer + H1B filing

Dear Saurabh,

Is there any reliable agency who [b]may help search suitable job offer as also may file for H1B on behalf of me [/b]- on a chargeable basis - if provided with requisite cerdentials / cv etc? 

I'm a Telecomm professional with Master's and a long experience, currently located in India.

Kindly help / guide with contacts for such agents (if there is any at all) or provide any such web address to find a few of them.

Thanks a lot for your guidance to all who needs.

Medha ([](

This forum does not endorse or provide such information . You are required to get that information by your self from your friends or other sources.

Also remember if this is your first time H1, H1B quota for this year has been filled by April 5th 2013. You can only apply for next year in April 2014.