Rejected B2 visa for parents in Mumbai, given 214 B

Dear all,I am on H1 and applied for my parents B2 visa and they attended their interview at Mumbai consulate yesterday and were denied tourist visa by giving 214 B.214 B denial is given when the officer is not convinced about the applicant having strong ties to his country and with a fear that the applicants might end up being an immigrant.My parents answered all questions posed to them, like where am i working, as what, where do they plan to visit, where will they stay etc.Now the questions i believe might have caused the problem. I am an only child and my parents are retired. When these questions were asked as per my parents the look on Visa officers face changed. Also, i have been rescheduling their interview from last year and once i totally forgot that i have scheduled their interview and it got recorded as a No Show. The VO asked my parents why didn’t you guys attend the interview then. My parents were unaware and my father asked in our language to my mom if an interview was scheduled and my mom managed to say that we went to our native then so couldn’t attend. I believe VO wasn’t convinced and might have thought i am trying to get them in US desperately.Now when i did my part of research, it seems unless there is change in the applicants circumstances there is no point in applying again. I have mentioned their occupation as Retired in previous DS-160 and i really don’t wish to change that and be truthful. What can i do before i fill up DS-160 for them again and be able to get them a tourist visa. How soon should i apply and can i still apply in Mumbai Consulate itself?

Apply again and be truthful. They just need to convey the visa officer that they have strong ties to home country eg social, family, economic ties to India, property, some responsibility back home, going for few days, and not planning for a long term stay with you.

Make sure your parents know everything about the visa process. The visa officer must got impression that you’re trying to get your parent to US after the retirement and not the other way around ( your parents visiting you).

Thanks you p4v4. Couple of them have advised me to send them separately for the interview. Do you think that could be a good strategy? As if they both go again together, nothing has really changed.