Regular H1B visa interview is scheduled in Jan 2021

Does anyone have your regular H1b visa interview scheduled in Jan 2021, I have got my appointments in Jan 8/21 & 20/21 and it’s not been cancelled as of now even after extended proclamation. Do you guys suggest me to attend the interview? Please reply if anyone in the same situation.

If it is not cancelled, then you may go for it. But, the reality is, you need to be exempt under proclamation. If not, the Visa officer has discretion not to issue the visa.

I travelled to India on Sept 2 2020 and my H1b extension ‘with change in previously approved employment’ has been approved in August 2020. Am I exempt from proclamation?

I had my interview yesterday, 6th Jan in London. We are in full lockdown in the UK and I was expecting the interview to be cancelled but it was not.

They will not stamp the visa until I am given permission to travel so this will delay the issue of the visa by a few days. I hope to get the visa within 5-10 days now.

They basically said that due to covid that they will not process anyones visa’s unless they know that the person applying will get special permission to enter the US (covid rules). Good luck everyone - COVID has definitely made HB1 visa applications harder this year

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Hi Kumar,

Can you please help me with below query:
I got my h1 approved with company A in Oct 2019. I transferred to company B on June 2020 and got my h1b change of employer approval on June-17-2020 until May 2023. I have plans to travel to India by the end of this month or next month, depending upon the consular appointments availability for visa stamping. If I plan to return back before 3/31/2021, does it causes any issues at the port of entry due to extension of presidential proclamation?

Hi BastowP,

Can you share your H1B Visa interview experience and how much time it took to get the Visa appointment slot in London?

I am looking to book the slot next week.

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