regular H1b lottery


One of my known company filed H1b for me for this year.

  1. Can I track the status parallel individually.

  2. when they will take the draw for regular h1b candidates.

I am requesting you that , kindly share the information.



  1. You can track if your packet has reached the USCIS using the courier tracking number but cannot track your petition unless it is selected in the lottery process and you receive a receipt notice from USCIS. Your employer will receive the receipt notice once your petition has been selected in the lottery.Your employer will then give you the receipt number, using which you can track the status of your H1B petition whether it has been approved/not after you have been selected in the lottery.

  2. Based on previous year’s history, the lottery draw should be done in the next few days (probably by this weekend). Once the lottery process has been completed, USCIS usually will publish the news on their website,