Regular Amendment Timeline & If Location changes after Stamping


I have two questions

1 . My Company has filed an Amendment due to change of Location, receipt was received on Oct 27’15, It’s almost end of Jan, how much time does a regular request takes

  1. If after my Amendment approval and Visa stamping the location and Project changes then will there be any new amendment required if the new location is out of 50 miles radius.


  1. You can check processing time for your service center on USCIS site. That will give you an idea.

  2. If location changes again and is a different MSA (metropolitan service area), then new LCA and H-1 amendment is required. No new stamping is required though.

Can you give me the link for checking the timelines, if you are referring to the below link then pls help me understand how to check the timeline for an Amendment my Service centre is Vermont based on the application no.
My company’s Immigration team said that now it takes 90-180 days to process an amendment.

USCIS site is not opening at the moment for me. Check for form I-824 which is for amendment.

I searched it and it gave me
“I-824 Application for Action on an Approved Application or Petition To request further action on an approved application or petition September 7, 2015” why have they mentioned a date, shouldn’t it be like number of days or months
I checked under the Service Centre Processing Dates for Vermont, when i search for california centre then it says 3 Months

That’s what it says on the page:

If the field office or service center is meeting its goal for processing a form, you will find the timeframe listed in months. For example, if the office is processing Form N-400 naturalization applications in five months or less, then the chart will say “5 months.” However, if the office is experiencing a processing delay, you will find the filing date of the last case that the office completed before updating the chart.

As they mentioned a date, it means there is a considerable delay in processing of the applications.

Hi Saurabh,
Another question pls help
Suppose my amendment gets approved and Visa stamping is also done,if then my Job location changes to >50 miles or <50 Miles, Do i have to file an amendment before flying in both the cases or as i read somewhere i can still fly and apply for an amendment in Parallel

That’s what I read as well. You can apply for amendment and enter using the receipt number. However, I haven’t read anyone’s positive or negative experience on the same.

I would defer that to your attorney.

Hi Saurabh,
Can i go for Stamping if Amendment’s status is ‘Case was Received’ while Original Petition is Approved

I don’t know as I haven’t read any experiences about it.