Regd. MY H1b max out year

I am got my H1B visa in 2005. I worked in US since 2005 to 2007 and return back to India. I renewed H1B petition till 2013. I return to US 2013 and working till date. I am out US from 5 and half year. Please let me know my max out.

calculate total days that you are in USA in the H1 status. if its less than 6 years, you are not maxed out under H1 status

As you were out of USA till 2013. You clock has been reset. Your 6 year period starts from 2013 and you can extend your H1 until 2019. You need to be outside USA for atleast a year for your 6 yr clock to be reset to 0, which you did, and has been reset in 2013.