Regd H1B Offer, Cost of living and taxes in Bellevue, Washington state


I am a software developer with 8+ years of experience mainly on C/C++, Linux platform, currently working in Malaysia on work-permit visa. I got my H1B sponspored by washington based firm for USD 72K per annum and got my visa stamped too. I am a married person and preferably moving to US by year end. Please help me with below questions.

  1. Is the salary offered apt for my profile and experience ? What is the demand for my kind of profiles in US ?

  2. What would be the tax for my income ? (medical,vision, dental and insurance covered by employer)

  3. What would be the cost of living with wife and new born baby in washington state (bellevue)?

  4. What would be the savings per month with normal life style for my income ?

Sorry for a lengthy questionnaire. Awaiting some response from senior members of blog.

Thank you in advance.



  1. Salary is always a discussion based on your profile, skills and the company. It is hard to say, what is good as it is very relative. You can check the average salaries in a region by searching for it in our H1B Visa Sponsors section by searching by city . you can also check

  2. You can check the exact taxes by checking it online at , it gives you some idea.

  3. Read this article Cost of Living in USA - Save Money ? , including comments.

  4. Refer to the above article, it talks about savings as well.