Regarding the work location address in H1B Petition /LCA

I got my visa converted from L1B to H1B in 2022. My new employer who sponsored my H1B have got my LCA for 2 locations, 1. My employer’s office address 2. My home address. In the H1B petition(Form I-129) my employer’s office address has been mentioned as work location(in Part-5), however I am working for a client and my role is 100% remote and I work from home. Since my LCA already has my home address, my employer did not file any amendment. I have my visa interview next month in India. Will there be an issue if my actual work location and work location mentioned in my H1B petition are different? Provided my work location in LCA and actual work location are same. Please advice.

You should be good as your LCA has both locations.