Regarding RFE response

Hi when my new h1b petition was filed in my organization I worked for client A. I received RFE recently and I have moved to different project and work for client B. For responding to RFE, documents related to client B is to be submitted. I got the MSA , SOW (last 4 Sow’s from year 2010). Here the issue is MSA is valid till dec and latest sow is valid for another 2 months. My manager told new SOW will be signed only a week before expiration and msa also the same case. Now client is agreed to provide a client letter stating sow will be renewed and this engagement extended and I will be working on this project in their location once visa is stamped.
So what is the chance of petition approval? If chance approval is slim what else can be done?

All RFEs regarding statement of proposed work relate to a checkpoint if your qualifications and experience are in line with the job being offered. Just make sure you are able to assert this in a clear concise manner.