Regarding passport of new born baby

Hello Sir,

I have H1B visa and my spuse has H4 visa,If my baby born in US, So what would process to make passport for him

  1. Will baby eligible for US passport or Indian passport

  2. If we need to come to india then do baby required any Visa stamp in his passport.

  3. If we want to come permannet india ,how baby become india citizeship and get indian passport

I am very confused, Please help.


  1. He can go for either.

  2. If he gets US passport then he needs to apply for PIO or visa stamp. PIO if preferred

  3. Surrender US passport and get an Indian passport

Thanks Saurabh for reply, I have few doubts

  1. If i go for Indian passport for baby while in US ,then if i return to india and after sometime need to back in US ,in that case which Visa stamp required and what is process.

  2. What ur suggestion should we go for indian passport or US passport


What you can do is have US passport and get Indian visa stamp or PIO for your son. Then keep it as it allows easy travel b/w US and India. PIO rules have been relaxed in last 1 year and you can get it for a longer term (don’t remember if it is 10, 15 or 20 years). Having US passport makes it easy to travel not just to US but several other countries (will save getting visa for him to those countries).

For this reason I went for US passport when my son was born.